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My work must be a reflection of what I believe.
I believe animals are more worthy of life than humans.
I believe that humans are destroying what is left of nature.
Killing species day by day. Not having respect for life.
I'm not a role model. I do make mistakes.
I do destroy in a passive way.
But when you have a chance to do good, you shouldn't waste it.
My fight is for animals & mother nature.
I'll continue to be a vegetarian. It's been 5 years.
I'll continue to recycle.
I'll continue to not pollute.
I will not create any work related to killing and harming animals.
I will not create any work that exploits or/and promotes animal cruelty and abuse.

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Learn about what is the reality of the world. How to save animals. Be aware of the world you live in.
Aprende mais sobre a realidade do mundo. Como salvar animais. Fica ciente do mundo onde vives.


this is my beautiful cat. my soulmate. my brother for more than 15 years. he's been with me basically all my life, and my love for him isn't less than my love for other human beings. it's important to understand that animals can love. can feel. can have emotions and feelings. it's actually a fact. love them. protect them. because we all have the right to breathe, to live & to love.


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